Making yates YOUR home

From modern lofts to picturesque lake homes to charming farmhouses with with lots of land, Yates County has housing options for every lifestyle and budget.

Small-town Charm

With tree-lined streets, sizable yards, good school districts, easy parking, and quick and easy access to city-like amenities, small-town living has never been more appealing than it is in Yates County.


If a single-family home isn’t part of your plan, look to the various apartment options. Carved out of big old houses or tucked into the buildings that line our towns’ main streets, the apartments available in Yates County could be the right fit for you or your family.

Loft Living

Instead of abandoning the luxury of the city, find a lower cost of living and an easier way of life within the lofts available in Yates County. Some loft options even have boat docks available.

Farmhouse Appeal

Yates County has single-family houses ready to become homes — in the small towns that dot the county; along the shores of Canandaigua, Keuka, or Seneca lakes; and nestled into fields and forests around the area. From fixer-uppers to impeccable estates, Yates County has a place for you to make your home.

Lake Homes

With miles upon miles of shoreline on Keuka, Canandaigua and Seneca Lakes, Yates County has numerous home options for those who want to wake up on the water.


Small Town Feel

Living on Main Street

I moved here from the South to work in Canandaigua, but I was looking for the small-town feel, where I could get away from the hustle and bustle. My favorite aspects of Penn Yan are the scent of fresh coffee and the simplicity of networking—I’ve met more people living here than I did when living in a residential neighborhood, between the street activity and the coffee shop.
— Alex Penkert - Social Services Representative, National Call Center for Homeless Veterans
Apartment - Penn Yan, new york

Apartment - Penn Yan, new york

main street - Penn Yan, new york

main street - Penn Yan, new york

Birkett Landing - Penn Yan, new york

Birkett Landing - Penn Yan, new york