workforce development

There is roughly $200,000 available for Adult IA/OJT, Dislocated Worker ITA/OJT and Youth ITA/OJT.

Take advantage of the Advanced Manufacturing Pathway Project, a new grant-funded program that will provide training opportunities at the three local community colleges: Finger Lakes, Genesee and Monroe Community Colleges. This grant is designed for unemployed participants and youth to participate in manufacturing-related middle-skills degree programs. The Advanced Manufacturing Pathways Project will assist nearly 300 area residents with their educational and support service expenses for certain degree programs over a three year period. Up to $8,500 is available to cover tuition and other costs. The Advanced Manufacturing Pathway Project is truly an incredible opportunity. The programs that are associated with the grant include:

Monroe Community College

  • Biotechnology (AAS)

  • Engineering Science (AS)

  • Electrical Engineering Technology (AAS)

  • Mechanical Technology (AAS)

  • Optical Systems Technology (AAS)

  • Preision Machining (AAS)

Finger Lakes Community College

  • Biotechnology (AS)

  • Engineering Science (AS)

  • Instrumentation & Control Technologies (AAS)

  • Computerized Drafting (AAS)

Genesee Community College

  • Biotechnology (AS)

  • Engineering Science (AS)

  • Computerized Drafting (AAS)

Workforce Development Initiatives

Yates County Workforce Development will be reaching out to our schools, youth, and adult populations to promote these exciting career opportunities. Please contact the Yates County Workforce Development office with questions or to express interest in applying.

 Upcoming Workforce Development Workshops:

Work Keys for Job Seekers: The Career Readiness Credential (CRC) enables you to show prospective employers that you possess basic foundational skills they are looking for and have the trainability for success in an organization. The CRC verified that you can handle the kids of tasks — finding information, reading instructions and directions, and working with figures — that are common in today’s workplace.

How does the Career Readiness Credential work? Building on a proven program, the CRC is based on established Work Keys assessments, a nationally recognized system. To earn a CRC, individuals undergo testing related to reading, applied math and locating information through the Work Keys skills assessment system. The credential confirms a person’s competence in these skill areas and provides documentation to an employer in today’s workforce.

How to Earn a CRC: Finger Lakes Workforce customers can obtain a Career readiness Credential by taking the three Work Keys assessments. Contact a Finger Lakes Workforce One Stop Center Representative or call (315) 536-5140.

Ask about SMART 2010 Today! SMART 2010 is a computer program that analyzes a customer’s resume for skills and work experience. Using that data the computer can establish matches with current jobs throughout the state. The system then recommends to the client by means of email a number of job matches based on the likelihood that the individual will follow the same career path. Many job seekers possess skills for jobs that they may not consider in their day-to-day job searches. SMART 2010 looks at the entire person as a result of their resume. The program then searches for the best job openings available, immediately opening the door to more.

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